1. Quality of life: A home provides stability and security for you and your loved ones, and membership with a community of neighbors.
  2. Pride of Home ownership: A home is a personal haven, a place that you can decorate, shape, and share over time because it is yours
  3. Excellent affordability: Lower home prices combined with low interest rates means there are tremendows opportunities for buyers.
  4. Historically low interest rates: Around 5 percent in the U.S. gives better purchasing power to those who qualify
  5. Appreciation Potential: Your home investment can grow in value.
  6. Equity buildup and debt pay down: Homeowners enjoy an average net worth of approximately $184,000 vs. $4,000 for renters.
  7. Leverage: Where else can you buy an investment of this magnitude with 5-10% down?
  8. Tax Deduction Advantages: Property tax and mortgage interest write-offs.
  9. Tax Exemption: Up to $500,000 per married couple or $250,000 per person on sale of a primary residence in the United States.
  10. The real cost of renting: at $800 per month, with the average 6% rental increase per year, you will pay $126,546 over a 10-year period but have zero ownership of the property.

If you would like to speak with a REALTOR contact Hunter Webb at HunterWebb@verizon.net or call at 469-951-2299

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About hunterwebb

I am a 26 year old real estate agent in The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. In my downtime I enjoy watching sports, reading a goodbook, and grilling up a good meal.

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