Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

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Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer's Guide

Plano Homes First Time Home Buyers Guide

The day before closing, stroll through the home that will soon be yours. Take a deep breath. Feel proud. And then, look carefully around. The final walk-through  provides your last chance to make sure the home is clean and all requested repairs have been made. If by some chance something is left undone, let your agent know immediately so he or she can negotiate it with the seller’s agent- for example, by leaving some money in the escrow account to cover the repair cost. Please note that a final walk-through is not always part of a typical real estate transaction. We recommend it as a great way to avoid problems and relieve worry. Your agent will have to request this from the sellers and possibly make it a condition of your contract.

But even if the home is sparkling and the repairs look impeccable, make sure you get documentation stating that the repairs have been completed, as well as who did the actual work. First of all, your insurance or home warranty company may require documentation of the repairs at some point. In addition, even the best contractors occasionally slip up: if that just-repaired pipe springs another leak two weeks after closing, you need to know who can fix the problem. This is also the ideal time to get all the detailed information you’ll need as the home’s new owner, such as security access codes, garage door openers, and appliance manuals.


  1. Is the house clean, and are the seller’s possessions removed? If not, when will they be?
  2. Are all required repairs made? Did you request and receive documentation of when repairs were made and who made them?
  3. Do you have all the items needed for the house (codes, openers, manuals, and warranty information, among others)? 

You may speak to a REALTOR by emailing or calling 469-951-2299.

You can also speak directly with a REALTOR by going to our ASK A REALTOR page

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