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Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer’s Guide

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Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer's Guide : Hail Damage

Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer's Guide : Hail Damage

It has been quite the rainy spring here in the DFW area. And with all that rain has come a good bit of hail as well. Hail can cause major damage to your car, your house, or worse YOU. There aren’t many more painful sounds than the clink of ice rocks hitting your car as you escape down the freeway looking for a covered ramp to park under. Even worse is when the hail becomes big enough to do some major damage to your home and its components. Hail damage can cause thousands of dollars to a property in mere minutes. There is not much you can do to prevent you home from being hit by hail, unless of course you build a giant umbrella to put over your home and I dont think many Homeowner’s Associations would be cool with that. If you do suffer hail damage at your home there are some things you can do to prevent further damage and get your home repaired as quickls as possible. I will outline the steps you should take if your home receives hail damage below.

Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer's Guide : Hail Damage

Plano Homes First Time Home Buyer's Guide : Hail Damage

1.  Put your personal safety first. Windows may be broken and glass may be shattered. Take caution to avoid these areas until you are positive the storm has passed and it is safe.

2. Stay cautious for any live wires that may have snapped. Wear proper shoes and gloces when inspecting the damage. DO NOT touch any loose wires!!!!

3. If you have insurance you will need to call and make a claim as soon as possible. Be prepared to give a general description of the property and damages as a representative will walk you through your claim.

4. Try to make any temporary repairs that are possible. If you have holes in the roof or broken windows try to temporarily repair them by using plywood and other materials. if you do not feel you can attempt repairs safely then DO NOT do them.

5. Check your insurance policy. Your insurance policy typically covers the cost to repair common hail damage-including damage to roofs, walls and cars, and your inventory or belongings. However, your deductible does apply-and you may have a higher deductible for wind/hail damage on your policy. Check your policy to see what’s covered and the deductible you’ve chosen. Reviewing your policy will help you prepare questions for your claims professional.

6. Document the damage. If it is safe and possible try and take pictures of the damage to your property as soon as possible. Do Not throw away any repairs quotes or bills as they may become important when making your insurance claim down the road.

7. Choose contractors wisely. Ask friends, family, and business associates for referrals of good contractors. Your choice in contractors can greatly affect the outcome of the repairs.

You may speak to a REALTOR by emailing HunterWebb@verizon.net or calling 469-951-2299.

You can also speak directly with a REALTOR by going to our ASK A REALTOR page

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