Plano Homes : Tips to keep your pool clean this summer.

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Plano Homes : Tips to keep your pool clean this summer

Plano Homes : Tips to keep your pool clean this summer

It is going to be another 100*F day here in North Texas. If you are anything like me, the only way you can bear this heat is to be poolside. It is not uncommon for homes in the DFW area to have a pool in the backyard. Maintaining the condition of the pool is very important if you hope to use it all summer long to stay cool. If you follow these simple tips listed below you should find your pool to be an oasis of fun and relief all summer long.

Maintain The Right Chemistry:

The easiest way to prevent a abundance of pool problems is to maintain the proper chemistry in your pool. You can invest in a chlorine generator that will automatically test the water and make necessary adjustments for you. How, even one of these devices doesn’t excuse you from the necessary task of testing your water on a regular basis. Water testing can be performed at home weekly, but it also a good idea to take a water sample to a professional for testing every month or two.


Use a Pool Cover:

The easiest way to keep your swimming pool free of bugs and leaves is to apply a cover when not in use. Swimming pool covers offer much more than simple cleanliness, however. The cover will hold heat in your pool water, especially if it’s a solar cover. It will also help prevent water evaporation so you can save big on your water bills. A safety cover has the added advantage of keeping pets and children out of your pool when you are not there to supervise them.


Skim The Water:

Even with a pool cover, some debris can sneak into your water. Leaves and other stuff floating in your pool water can decompose and attract bacteria if it is not disposed of properly . Daily use of a skimmer will keep most of the debris out of your pool so it remains clean and safe for swimming.


Run Your Filter:

Another easy way to keep your pool clean is to run your filter a sufficient amount of time each day. This is something that some pool owners try to skimp on because of the energy costs involved. However, a filter that is not doing its job properly can result in bigger problems that are much more challenging to get rid of. Most pools require a minimum of 12 hours of running time each day to operate most efficiently. During the peak of swimming season, the amount of time may need to be increased more.

Encourage Showers:

Make sure that everyone who enters your pool showers and uses the bathroom first. This will greatly reduce the number of body oils and fluids that will get into your pool. Bathroom breaks are particularly important for young children, as are watertight plastic pants for those that are not completely potty trained. You can even install an outdoor shower poolside to keep your pool as clean as possible.

A clean pool is a healthy place for your family and friends to enjoy. These simple tips won’t replace regular maintenance on your pool, but they will make the job of keeping your pool clean a little easier.

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