Plano Homes: Water Conservation

Plano Homes : Water Conservation

Plano Homes : Water Conservation


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Water conservation has become quite the hot topic here in Plano. Just like most other cities in the North Texas region, the citizens of Plano are under strict water usage rules to help conserve water after a very dry summer. That is why so many Plano residents were extremely upset to learn the city of Plano just poured 750,000 gallons of water down the drain. It was part of maintenance for a water tower located at Spring Creek and Rainer in east Plano. The city claims the inside of the water tower was in need of fresh paint after going 23 years without a fresh coat, and that the work was unavoidable. They allowed the tower, which usually holds 1.5 million gallons to go down to 750,000 gallons before it was drained into the sewers. It remains a mystery as to why the city could use only half the water supply before draining the remaining 750,000 gallons. It would seem to reason you could use the water in the tower until a lower level such as 100,000 gallons (which still seems like alot of wasted water) remained before you dumped it into the streets. The cities decision to clean the tower at a time when it is asking residents to cutback on water usage has left many Plano residents angry and upset with the city. Citizens don’t understand why they were forced to watch there lawns die due to lack of water as 750,000 gallons went rushing by into the sewers. Hopefully before the city decides to waste another 750,000 gallons of water they take a look at the restrictions they have placed on their own citizens and play by some semblance of the same rules.

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