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It used to be that that you turned 18 and could not wait to move out of mom and dad’s house and begin living on your own. While the dream of most 18 year olds to move away from mom and dad is still alive and well, the reality of today’s economy is that it just isn’t as as possible anymore. From 2005 to 2009 the percentage of men age 18-24 living with mom and dad went from 53%-59%. Women saw a 4% jump in that same time period. Even more telling might be the amount of persons ages 25-34 that moved back in with mom and dad. From 2005-2009 men ages 25-34 saw a 5% increase in those living with back at home while women saw a 2% gain in that number. This younger generation is more willing to spend time back at home in hopes that their will be greater opportunities out there in a few years.   I personally know more and more friends who graduated from college only to find it almost impossible to get an entry level job that allows them to support themselves independently. Many have decided to spend a year or two living with mom and dad in hopes that they will be in a better position to live on their own in the near future. And lets face it…living at home is not the worst situation to be in. Food in the fridge, bathrooms stocked with plenty of toilet paper, and no crazy roommates were just a few of the benefits I took advantage when I moved back in with mom and dad for a few months a couple of years age. I was thankful for a home to come back to while I looked for a job and began to start my new life. I would expect the number living with mom and dad to grow for a little longer, but when the economy shows real signs of recovery and a sustainable job market exists the mad rush to get your own place will be on. I am sure their are plenty kids at home with mom and dad that can NOT wait for that day to come!

If you have a good story about moving back in with your folks please leave it below in the comments section for all our AWESOME readers to enjoy!


Secondly, if you would like to talk with a licensed Realtor and find out if NOW might be the right time for you to move out on your own you can always reach Hunter Webb at 469-951-2299 or by visiting out ASK A REALTOR page here 


Thirdly(not sure if that is a real word or not, but I like it so I am keeping it) to read the full article from RisMedia on the housing trands of young adults CLICK HERE


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