Plano Homes : Surviving The Holidays Series

Plano Homes : Surviving The Holidays Series

Plano Homes : Surviving The Holidays Series

As the holiday season nears and the malls and stores begin to get busy with shoppers it seems many of us forget our manners and become rude Holiday Humbugs! And believe me I do understand that the Holidays can be trying to even the most patient of souls.

Before I began my career in real estate I spent 7 fun and entertaining years waiting tables at all sorts of establishments. The holidays are a tough time on waitors and waitresses. Sure there are more people coming out to eat which in turn means more tips to make, however, it also means  more Scrooges and Scroogettes to deal with. Guests would sit down and already be in a horrible mood because they had to wait to get a table.At that point it was real tough as a waitor to do anything that made the guest happy. I understand that it is never fun to have to wait to be seated but I think it would greatly help if people understand that it is the Holidays and these things are to be expected. I promise you every employee of the restaurant is working as hard and dilligent as they can to reduce the wait but at the holidays it is just part of the deal.

Plano Homes : Surviving The Holidays Series

The same goes for the guy or gal checking you out at the grocery stores and department stores. The lines to get to the register can be long and frustrating but I promise you being rude and nasty to the employee checking you out will not give you back the time you spent waiting in line, nor will it bring holiday cheer to anyones day. Try and remember that at the end of the day the person you are dealing with is someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, and that you would not like anyone in your family to be treated rudely so why should it be different for anyone else.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you’ve been waiting with your blinker on for a minute to get that front row spot and a car swings in from the other direction to steal YOUR spot. But maybe this holiday season instead of giving the driver a one finger salute and telling him what we think of his mother we can all just throw up a peace sign and a smile and move on to the next parking spot. After all tis the season for joy right?

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I am a 26 year old real estate agent in The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. In my downtime I enjoy watching sports, reading a goodbook, and grilling up a good meal.

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