Plano Homes : How you can help the salvation army; Part of the Surviving the Holidays Series

Plano Homes : How you can help the salvation army

Plano Homes : How you can help the salvation army

Yesterday my co-workers at Keller Williams Central Plano and I were blessed to get to spend our morning volunteering at The Salvation Army distribution center of DFW. What an awesome experience! It was such a unique and eye-opening experience to get to see all the hard work and planning that go into trying to insure that every kid has a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. We spent our morning taking large deliveries of toys off trucks and sorting them out into piles to be sorted down even more until each gift is placed in the bag of an individual family. At first the task of sorting the toys out seemed an impossible one, but after 4 hours of hard work our team was able to clear out the largest pile of toys I have ever seen. The woman who was in charge of our group told me last year in DFW 56,000 kids were able to have a gift under the tree thanks to the Salvation Army’s hard work. This year they are on pace to meet or exceed that number. With that many toys coming in the need for volunteers is great. The Salvation Army offers great opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals. You can choose to help sort toys, prepare and serve food in shelters, or even choose to become a famous Salvation Army bell ringer. In talking with an administrator at the center yesterday I learned that the volunteer bell ringers are the most helpful of all, because the only cost to the organization is the red bucket and every cent donated goes right to helping those in need. Not all bell ringers you see in front of stores are volunteers; some are paid for the time. This cuts into the money that can go to help those in need but does provide a job for someone who might otherwise go unemployed through the holidays. Go to Plano Homes Salvation Army and check out all the ways you can help and get involved. If you have other great ways people can get involved in lending a helping hand to someone in need this holiday season please leave them in the comments section.

Plano Homes : How you can help the salvation army

Plano Homes : How you can help the salvation army

This post originally appeared on 12/09/2012

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