Plano Homes : DISD teachers to possibly hold a “SICKOUT” over longer work hours

The battle between D.I.S.D. administrators and teachers has taken another turn this weekend. After last weeks decision to raise the required work hours of teachers, and the subsequent firing of a teacher who wrote a letter to a board member voicing his displeasure, another teacher has decided to try and make a stand. An anonymous D.I.S.D. teacher has blogged to ask other D.I.S.D. teachers to join him or her in a “sickout” February 29th, leap day. The teacher was quoted as saying “I for one am done! Not with teaching, but with being the whipping boy.” A sentiment no doubt shared by many colleagues. For as long as I can remember, teachers have always been poorly compensated for the importance of their work and the dedication it requires. To have administrators constantly putting the blame on teachers, while accepting none themselves, is absurd. And to then fire a teacher for exercising his right to free speech is even more absurd. The teacher fired last week was simply voicing an opinion shared by many in his position. Teachers have long felt like they received little to no support from those in administration, and now the evidence clearly shows those feelings were correct. Instead of building morale among teachers and showing them the support needed, this administration has taken every chance to blame teachers for anything and everything. It is time the teachers get the respect they have earned and rightly deserve. And if that means taking actin in the form of a “sickout” then I for one stand behind their decision. Hopefully the administration can begin to rebuild the trust and respect of the teachers they have seemingly trampled all over.

Read the Dallas Morning News Story Here

To read the blog about the “sickout” click here

To see a story from WFAA Channel 8 on the “sickout” click here

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