And the good news keeps on coming….. Texas unemployment dropped to 7.3 percent in January as employers added a net 67,200 workers to payrolls and capping 21 straight months of job growth. Coupled with the news of a 27% increase of homes sales in DFW in February I am really starting to put some credence into this whole recovering economy thing. 


Adding to the good news is that the Texas labor force grew by 15,000 from December to January, a sign that more unemployed workers are re-entering the job market. 

Locally the DFW area saw the unemployment rate drop to a rate of 7.4% compared to a rate of 8.3% this time a year ago. This means consumer confidence is starting to return now that we are back in a growing economy. Companies have begun to get out from their shell and are hiring more folks to the workforce daily.


To read the somewhat boring yet very factual report from the Dallas Morning News Click Here

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I am a 26 year old real estate agent in The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. In my downtime I enjoy watching sports, reading a goodbook, and grilling up a good meal.

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