First Time Home Buyer’s Dictionary

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First Time Home Buyer's Dictionary

First Time Home Buyer's Dictionary

  • AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE : A schedule showing the principal and interest payments throughout the life of the loan.
  • APPRAISED VALUE : An opinion of the value of a property at a given time, based on facts regarding the location, improvements, etc. of the property and surroundings.
  • ASSUMPTION TRANSFER FEE : A fee assessed by the lender to the buyer to assume the present loan.
  • CREDIT REPORT : A report on the past ability of a loan applicant to installment payments.
  • DOCUMENT PREPARATION : A charge by an attorney for preparing legal documents for transaction.
  • ESCROW FEE : A fee charged by the title company to service the transaction, to escrow monies, and cover documents. The amount varies with company; usually split between buyer and seller.
  • ESCROW / IMPOUND ACCOUNT : Funds held by the lender for payment of taxes and insurance when due. Usually does not include maintenance fees.
  • HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE : Protects the property and contents in case of loss; must be for at least the loan amount or for 80% of the value of improvements, whichever is greater. Click Here to learn more about Homeowner’s Insurance
  • INSPECTIONS : An examination of property for various reasons such as termite inspections; inspection to see if required repairs were made before funds are received, etc.
  • INTEREST : Cost of loan funds, Always paid in arrears.
  • LOAN APPLICATION FEE : Paid to the lender at time of application; check with lender for amount.
  • LOAN DISCOUNT : The points a lender charges; may be paid by either buyer or seller on conventional loans; number of points fluctuates with mortgage money market.
  • MAINTENANCE FEE : Charged by the homeowner’s assoaciation as set out in subdivision restrictions.
  • MORTGAGEE’S TITLE POLICY : Required by the lender to insure that the lender has a valid lien; does not protect the buyer
  • ORIGINATION FEE : A fee the buyer pays the lender to originate a new loan.
  • OWNER’S TITLE POLICY : Insures that the buyer has title to the property.
  • POINTS : 1% of loan amount
  • PREPAYMENT PENALTY : Charged by the lender for premature payment of a loan balance.
  • PRIVATE MORTGAGE INSURANCE : Insurance against a loss by a lender (mortgagee) in the event of default by a borrower (mortgagor).
  • REALTOR FEES : An amount paid to the realtor as compensation for his/her services.
  • RECORDING FEES : Charged by the County Clerk to record documents in the public records.
  • RESTRICTIONS : Certified copy of deed restrictions required by lender.
  • SURVEY : Confirms lot size and any encroachments or restriction violations.
  • TAX PRORATION : Seller pays buyer’s taxes from January 1 to closing.
  • TAX CERTIFICATES : Certificates issued by taxing authorities showing the current years’s taxes, the last year taxes were paid, and any delinquencies to be collected at closing.

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First Time Home Buyer’s Dictionary


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